Kitty Power

I Am The Black Gold of the Sun


School is over and I have returned to some semblance of an adult life. Back to working at a mega agency, subletting my friend’s place in Bushwick until the end of September, most of my old apartments’ stuff in a storage unit. I graduated burned out on my passion project thesis and generally unsure of what to do next.

In my heart of hearts, I’d love to move to Paris and re-mmerse myself in the great expat community I met during my past two visits. The visa situation is super tough though and I find more reasons to be wary about going there every week. What I really want in my life is an adult adventure not in NYC. I’ve given this place 30 years and am dying to experience something else. The where is the big question mark at this point.
I’ve also been attempting to give my cynicism a rest. With the full knowledge, I’ll never be completely happy go lucky either. But it’s way less energy needed to allow myself to find the fun in a bad situation. Like my foray into speed dating the other week. That was super yikes, but ultimately so comedic.This summer’s been great so far for meandering and doing as much (or little) as I want to do. Nothing’s going to touch last year’s jam-packed travelpalooza, but that’s okay.

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