Kitty Power

This Is Happening


I’ve been enjoying the hell out of myself this semester break. I didn’t realize how worn out I was until I decided the most exciting thing I could do (repeatedly) was park in bed and watch Netflix Streaming. I had finals induced vampire hours for most of the past month, but I’m finally getting back to normal daytime rising…just in time to have most of my classes at night!

School just asserted itself back into my life in a big way with two huge emails over the past few days: a dispatch from my thesis advisor with the class schedule and then the instructions on how to apply for graduation. Yikes! Two years of my life are coming to a close rapidly. Graduation day is May 18th, just over 4 months from now. If I wasn’t excited about how much I’m going to kick ass this semester, I’d be completely terrified that the end is so near. 
In all the midst of this, I’m turning 30 in March. I feel pretty hopeful about that. I’m sure it’ll knock me for a loop the first time I realize I’m not a 20-something anymore, but luckily with my good genes, no one believes me when I say how old I am anyway. I’m kicking around the idea of going to Morocco or South America for a birthday trip. By then, I will want to escape NYC cold and my thesis pretty bad, so the farther I can go without a 24-hour plane ride, the better. 

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