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Skeletons and The Girl-Faced Boys – We Won’t Be Proud, No No No

The countdown to the end of the semester has officially started finally. Another week and a half of class and then finals time.

November went out on a not so bad note. I ended up withdrawing from my program to London, which I think is for the best. I still haven’t quite managed to replace my laptop yet, so the last thing I needed to worry about was airfare and a shit exchange rate. Though New Year’s in Europe would’ve been pretty awesome. I think I can be satisfied by spending two (mostly) glorious months there this summer and get over it.

Also got a bit of good news on the thief front. Finally they’ve got enough evidence to nail the guy. Adding insult to injury, I actually saw him last week, trying to sell a probably stolen Mac Book for $200 in front of my fave deli in Williamsburg. With zero shame. I’d be happy to see that dude under a jail, even though I’ve pretty much given up hope of seeing my stuff again.

This semester has been a hard slog, even without the recent bit of bad luck. I’ve got a full schedule of 4 classes plus the thesis prep seminar. I’m out there working hard. It’s almost like being back at work…except no money. It’s been a fun life interlude to be creative and have a shit ton of fun learning whatever I want for the past year and a half though. Going back to the real world is probably going to be a real bummer. Especially when Sallie Mae comes calling for my pennies.

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