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Nostalgia Trip


I’ve had the disadvantage of two computer mishaps this year: the desktop had a meltdown in March while I was in San Francisco and last week’s laptop theft. You would’ve thought that I’d learned to back up my shit every other day — and you’d be right and wrong. My backup was in my bag with my laptop (D’oh!) 

The spirit of making lemon garnishes for my drinks with the sour ass lemons life is serving up, I’ve been going on a music collection rebuilding kick since the weekend. I had external HD backups for my library pre-2007 (when I bought this now fixed desktop) and my laptop’s reign of September 2009-now. Using my profile (currently the only site I love tracking the shit I do), I was able to check out what was floating my boat between 1.5-3 years ago which has been entertaining as hell. 
For example, remembering the awesomeness of Rafter, Circlesquare, Skeletons, Doves, In Rainbows, The Cosmic Game, and Showtime which I almost forgot about totally since last year. Some video links to my rediscovered faves:

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