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Heatwave – Ain’t No Half Steppin’

Now that things feel infinitely more settled at school, I’ve been on a concert binge lately. My initial show buddy was The Director and we marveled that we still rolled like we met yesterday instead of six (!) years ago. (An aside of a hilarious SF trip moment: driving to the East Bay from the airport, Fizzie says: “what ever happened to that dude we used to hang out with who seemed young, but was really old, partied like crazy, and took us to weird parties with his friends?” And I drew a serious blank for a long time until he added “and joked that Trendvickster was a heroin addict to his friends.” I laughed and said “The Director! We just hung out last week and he asked about you!” And we laughed some more. My friends are amazingly awesome and weird.)
The shows we caught together were Anti-Pop Consortium (epic!)/Rain Machine (eh…with the worst caterwauling backup singer); French Horn Rebellion (joke)/Hot Chip (okay but kinda boring…I think the first disastrous two times I saw them years ago still inspires some bitterness in me); and Golden Triangle (sounds like every other Siouxsie electro influenced group out nowadays, but they did a really inspired cover of Hardest Button To Button). 
The other week was 3 shows in 6 days. I started off on Thursday, using my student discount to check out Man Man (and some other bands who were total crap). That was completely strange since I haven’t seen them play in a very long time. After going on 7.5 years of being a fan, it still takes them 10 years to setup, the energy is still infectious, and I still love their shows. The difference now is that there’s just a lot more other kids who love them with their youthful energy and dress up in facepaint and act crazy. I’m just the old lady hanging out on the sidelines. But we’re all still plugging away. I talked to Ryan after the show and he said “I’m the same as I always was…a little older and more tired” and I replied “aren’t we all?”
Saturday’s show was RJD2/Break Science/Happy Chichester at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The venue always trips me out a bit because it’s the all metal bizarro of my fave venue, The Bowery Ballroom, without half the character. Top notch show all around. I’d never heard of Break Science before, but I’m all about them at the moment. They killed it and then RJD2 came out in a robot suit, very reminscent of a Daft Punk show, so those were some fun moments before he got behind the decks and later did a band thing. Videos I unearthed below:
Then the night after my birthday, I went to the Bowery to see Dam-Funk with a live band and Peanut Butter Wolf doing a VJ set. Definitely my favorite show of the year so far. If only initially because it exposed me to what is the song I plan to play this spring until I make everyone else sick:
As for Dam-Funk himself? Ripped it. Seriously, the second someone comes out with a keytar, you know only epic things are going to happen. It’s just a fact. 

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