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Skeletons – The Masks
I’ve been strangely keeping myself busy as unemployment has rolled on. It’ll be a month tomorrow and I’ve limped past previous record of having a new job in 3 weeks’ time. The going is a little slower this time around, but then again, I haven’t been trying as hard either. A nice money cushion will do that to you. Plus I was dying for some time off. I’ve got bad robot workaholic tendencies.
I went to the grad school interview last week and the results are inconclusive. In about a month, I should find out if I’m in or not, so I’m trying to push it out of my mind. It was a trip having to fill out all the financial aid forms this time around since I’m an independent student or whatever. I definitely wanted to be magically transported back to high school since the government is under the impression I can devote a 1/3 of last year’s salary to paying for school (they’re nuts!).
DC and all the inauguration madness was great. I kinda miss that town and it was fun to stroll around as an actual adult. One of the first thing I saw in city limits was my old AU program dorm and I let myself go down memory lane a bit. A was my gracious host and we dragged each other all over. Being on the mall, though way far from the action and watching on the Jumbotron in the freezing cold, was pretty epic and I got to live out of my 02 fantasy of going to the Eighteenth Street Lounge (as awesome as I knew it would be). Getting out of town was surprisingly nice and painless. I’m that much more excited to go to WMC in March now because I’ve broken the streak of out of town disasters (I hope).
One of my resolutions for the year is to update here more. Once or twice a month is really lame compared to what it used to be like. It’s kinda tough though because I just lack that oversharing compulsion of the old days, but I still think I can do interesting stuff here. We shall see. Meanwhile, I’ve got a newish blog I’ve been playing around with. It’s all about bizarro ads that I’ve run into. It’s a fun little distraction besides cyber window shopping (want!).

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