Kitty Power

The Stars Should Lie Upon My Face

While I’ve been off bullshitting, I’ve been getting older. Starting my Saturn return and all that. 27 in itself doesn’t really feel like much, even though I thought of it as this semi-magical age when I was younger. The age when you become a real adult. In reality, it’s kinda…eh. I suspect it’s because 26 was so fucking hectic. I’m all about closing the book on all that. A fun fact is that when I used to run around with Farmer and The Boy (separately, natch), they were 27 and I think that’s when it first became crystal clear that it was just a number, not a particular badge of maturity. They’re both over 30 now and Farmer’s a daddy, which is scary and awesome at the same time. The Boy, on the other hand, is still running around like a jerkface. I had a hilarious and random encounter with him and his BMX near the Navy Yard a while ago. Time really does fly.
This year, I decided to sit out Miami and my annual tradition of going into debt to pay for that trip. Though the cosmos is toying with me: Robert Owens is doing a show here Sunday night and he was my highlight last year, but Erykah Badu is playing a free show down there Thursday. My plan for this year is go to Sonar and spend some time visiting P. Diddy and Alex. I’ve never been to Europe before and the best airfare I’m finding is about $800 (not to mention the dollar vs. the euro is pathetic at the moment), so I need to save my pennies. That might be easier to do if I ever got around to finding a roommate… Baby steps.
Lately, I’ve been struggling trying to get this Life vs. Work equilibrium thing right. I’ve spent a big chunk of the past five years being a party girl and it’s an adjustment to realize now that I’m actually building a career (I sure wouldn’t have said that this time last year), staying out all night most nights can’t really mesh with that. I’ve been experimenting with ways to build up some self-control and still have fun. It still needs adjustment time for sure. Let’s not even mention that whatever balance I build can potentially come tumbling down if I introduce a new boy into the mix. Then again, I’m so far out of that mode. I don’t even remember what it’s like to date at this point.
I was kicking around the idea of resolutions for this year, but what I want is pretty simple: staying healthy, even greater career success, traveling more, having fun and keeping good people around. And I guess blogging more, but I always say that whether I mean it or not.

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