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Skeletons and The Girl-Faced Boys, You’da Been Better Off
I haven’t been having the best luck health wise this year, but I’m trying to avoid even thinking “worst body year ever!” The latest saga is my foot. I’ve been feeling pain in it for a while and my no insurance head in the sand fix was to get some arch support and stop wearing flat ass flip flops worked for a bit. But the other day, it became pretty unbearable and I got tired of hobbling along, so I used my 4-day old insurance (we heart The Freelancer’s Union!) to stroll over to the podiatrist and get it checked out. I was hoping for a nice sturdy insert and some painkillers, but instead I got a soft cast and next week I go back for the real way. Yay me? I guess I’m gonna get my money’s worth out of these months of insurance I just paid for. And amazingly, I woke up this morning finally not in pain for first time since I don’t even remember. So, it’s heading towards all good.
The drawbacks are: 1) strangely, a bandaged foot is a prime target for stepping on. Goddamned jerks. 2) It doesn’t really get me a seat on public transportation. I just end up with funny looks really. 3) I’m showing up to my first day of the new job looking like an accident prone dumbass. Ah well. 4) This more or less ruined a really fun weekend I had planned. Hard to dance in a cast and boot. 5) The only places I’ll probably be the next couple of weeks are work and my damned fourth floor walkup. I think my couch and I will develop a very special relationship.
In other life, this job transition is very nerve-wracking for me. I really liked the place I left today. Not only because it was a great port after feeling so adrift back in the spring and helped me gain a lot of confidence and pride in my abilities, but the people were awesome and taught me a lot and working for one of the motherships (even as a lowly freelancer) does have its advantages. Now, I’m transitioning across town and it’s like Monday is my first day of school. I’m sure it’ll turn out great, but it’s very overwhelming at the moment.
Lately, I’ve been listening to the old Skeletons album, the new Battles, and Oui and the latest Sea and Cake. Considering those are the three groups I’ve been obsessively going to see this spring/summer, I’m sure that’s not very surprising. Oui was unearthed when I was randomly browsing through CDs. That CD is very junior year of Wes, sitting on the porch of 68 High with Alex and Tino and the crew. I’ve been thinking a lot about random school times since my brand new Facebook obsession is putting me in touch with randoms I haven’t seen in years and the reunion is looming. Five years! I was musing the other day that the current class going in there is Class of 2011 and I’ll be 30 when they graduate. Then I thought how my brother will graduate high school in 2017 and I decided to stop playing that game. I need to learn how to live in the present more. Most of the summer I’ve been looking in the rearview or getting ahead of myself.


  1. that’s a really cute kitty in the corner.

  2. Of course she’s cute, that’s my baby! But my cam phone is so shitty that I can barely make features out on my screen.