Kitty Power

Time Passages

I just realized that my blog is a few days over four years old. I usually pay more attention to the actual domain anniversary, but there’s something about it this time around that has me a little amazed that it’s been a good while. If this was my baby, it’d be on its way to school or something. I’m kinda itching for an overhaul. Most of the links are dead and I would like a color overhaul. We’ll see if I have the time.
It’s funny to read back at shit I’ve written even six months ago, so four years time is ridiculous. I definitely wouldn’t be a tenth as open nowadays and I’m amused that the posts got way wordier at time went on. I’m still dealing with most of the same shit though. The more things change, the more they stay the same and all.
So who was I? Candicissima a.k.a. Candice. 22. Pisces. High-strung, conflicted, college graduate as of May 25th (’03), NYC born and raised, unemployed, writer, urban bohemian at heart, social butterfly, music junkie, scatterbrain, dreamer, crafty, intellectual, sarcastic, melancholy, passionate, idealistic, explorer.
And now? Candicissima a.k.a. Candice. 26. Pisces. Striving for zen and balance, NYC dwelling, cog in the advertising machine, realist, individualistic, explorer, music junkie, social observer, creative, clever, and a lapsed writer.
Still hope I’m keeping it interesting as the time goes on.

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