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The Rolls and Waves

This past week, I’ve just been trying to keep my equilibrium going. I’m one of those people that need a neutral balance or else I’m going to fall into the hole. Last Thursday was a pretty shitty day, for instance. I got beyond drenched out in the rain, had some very not so good interviews, found out my insurance was cut off, and just felt super alone and loserish and overwhelmed most of that day. That great mood carried on to early Friday when I tried my best to just stay under the covers and cry before I got the call about some more interviews and then had some drinks and tried to perk myself up.
I ended up at a big party at 3rd Ward that night. I was determined to enjoy myself and succeeded. There was an annoying interlude with this random who latched onto me early and wouldn’t leave me alone. He was too old, marginally funny, looked like a lost member of X-Clan (well, not that there’s anything wrong with that part), and had this really irritating habit of singing in my ear. I had to break out some stealth moves to finally shake him. Good thing about huge warehouse parties is you can go hours withough running into a person again. I ran into Benny and Tim and ended up talking with Benny about their group and an upcoming show. He said that they were looking for singers to do background stuff and I (strange for me) volunteered. Er, haven’t done more than entertain my cat in four years. That’s going to be an adventure. And then I wandered around and around for hours before escaping at 8am into the insanely bright sun. It’s always tough strolling in somewhere in the dead of the night and finally accepting that it’s daytime and you need to go home. We party hard.
I made a new friend Sunday and I shall call him Red (for obvious real life reasons). We went to Floyd’s and didn’t play bocce (which is almost blasphemous) and then to see Disturbia. Which made me really hot for Shia LaBeouf, until I found out that’s he’s not even 21. You’d think I’d be on some what’s good for the goose is good for gander since I’m hard pressed to think of the last guy I dated/liked/whatever that’s not older than me, but yuck at younger guys. I’m sure I’ll change my tune in 5 years or so.
Last night was another Battles show. Most of my time was spent wishing bodily harm on this group of jerks who decided that no matter what the song, a mosh pit was needed. The boy came over at the end all “you’re here, cool, I was going to text you to see if you knew about it, but here you are.” Blah. He should make himself useful and get me a damned Battles bag. I’ve talked so much about it this week that the crazed need is awakened.
This week was kinda tough. I’ve been worrying a lot about the job situation, natch. Good/bad effects: weight loss. The “so stressed that I’m despairing” diet works wonders. But I’ve been working my ass off the past couple of weeks and it paid off with mad interviews and finally today, a new job. I’ll be freelancing as a PM/producer at an agency that could eat my old one for breakfast, so I’m really excited. And I even have nothing but goodwill (today at least) towards my old boss for forcing me onto the market to make a living wage. Yay for me!

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  1. Equilibrium is not easy – it comes from living outside any comfortable place – we create that equilibrium.
    And then we can take any wave.
    So, you a PM now! Congrats.