Kitty Power

Like Back In The Day, Love

Winter ’07 faves:
– that damned song/video. I guess I wasn’t watching VH1 Soul enough when that came out the first time. And I’ll admit to a perverse pleasure in singing “no not any more!”
Dragons of Zynth. The trick is getting my shit together to get to one of this month’s residency shows.
Nino Moschella
– The Let’s Mix Love mix with the greatest opening song I’ve heard in a while.
– The stupid word blipster and the great site it has spawned.
– Actually enjoying myself at parties again. It was bound to happen I guess.
– How fun it is when the shoe is on the other foot. Gotta love the boys who didn’t give a shit months ago suddenly having a change of heart. Tough shit, babes. You missed the bus.
– Kings of Tomorrow “Finally” and its 10,000 all awesome remixes.
Jay’s video entries
– “Nothing says birthday like free shit and porn and open bars!” 4 weeks! And we’re going to meat heaven this year. The countdown begins.

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