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Everything Leads To The Big Bang

I was feeling pretty blah heading into the long weekend. I’d worked the dead week at a mostly empty office and all those things that I actually had to be getting done, just weren’t happening. And I had a nice demoralizing convo with my boss. All in all, I could’ve comfortably laid in bed until New Year’s Eve. But then I wouldn’t be me, would I?
Friday was a miracle day: off work way early (not that it helped me in my fool’s quest at Circuit City) and had an honest to goodness fake date that wasn’t a disaster (well not from my perspective, but what do I know?). I was engaging, cracked jokes, made fun, made cute, and was unashamedly terrible at video games. We wandered around the greater downtown Brooklyn, chatting and laughing. It was…nice. I didn’t think I had the capacity to be lighthearted and cool anymore. Occasionally, I surprise myself.
Way later that night, I ended up wandering around the Financial District after an ill-advised detour to Williamsburg. I was on my way to one of those parties I’d miss if (really, it’s when about now) I leave NYC. And it was what I hoped it would be: good music, packed with people, more than a handful of those I knew and liked. I even got some blasts from the past: The DJ strolled in looking like death warmed over (drugs are bad, kids) and an old 68 High/Wes buddy (I was feeling inappropriately warm currents there. Let’s try to pretend that didn’t happen). I even ran into the boy gang from the building’s 10th floor. I’m amused at how they travel in packs. The guy from 10 that I like sometimes despite myself rescued me from a confrontation with this random. I had been standing on the wall minding my business when this sweaty fool came in my face saying I had dissed him. I was gearing up to give him a good neck roll and stream of obscenities when 10 guy stepped in on the pretense of chatting with me. The weirdo kinda stood along there for a second before he went across the room to randomly spring up on the next girl. Again, drugs are bad.
Saturday night, Alafairnadia and I went to a party near the Gowanus. She left a little early and I made lemonade out of lemons by recruiting my nearby work friend Banana to the festivities. The whole place was a little bizarre: optional costumes with a table full of props to choose from (I passed), the planned bonfire with a wooden contraption, and the highlight had to be the giant stuffed Shrek packed with dry ice and then blown up. I would’ve hated to be a neighbor on that night. The two of us momentarily fell in with a pair of freaks. The ringleader of the two was flirting and at the same time saying “why do people think it’s weird that I go out without my wife? Do you think that it is weird.” Umm, perhaps a bit. And then the shy sidekick who wheeled around the backyard in a wheelchair and uncomfortably humped my leg. Good times…or something.
And then New Year’s Eve at Alafairnadia’s place. The early on crowd was packed with board people talking about the board and I thought my eyes would get stuck in the rolled position. Let’s talk about the internet at a real life party! So fascinating! And let’s use our board names because it’s not like we’re real people with real names! Super! Ugh. We hit the stroke of midnight on the roof watching the fireworks from Prospect Park. Another fun ringing in the new year with my friends. Let’s hope ’07 blows ’06 out of the water. At this rate, it wouldn’t take much really. A group of us wandered off to Studio B for minimal dancing but maximum chatter. I randomly found someone who had made the move from here to the West Coast some years ago and spent way too much time drunkenly talking about how I needed to just drop everything and go. Definitely not news to me. I’m not long for this town, but I plan to enjoy it while I still can.

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  1. eh, a bunch of NYC people I know keep on complaining about the LA. get ready for crazy traffic, sprawled-out neighborhoods and better weather (I suppose).