Kitty Power

You’re Going No Further

I’m supposedly looking like my old old self again. The reactions I’m getting are kinda amusing. Then again, I’m actually smiling nowadays and lost like 185 pounds of dead weight. Things like that do wonders for a girl. Even my mom was saying I needed some fun in my damned life, so I’m off having it. Viva rebounding! There’s the danger of reversing the initial happy loss with the holiday season carousing I’ve been doing to excess. But who cares? Pass the ham and yams and egg nog and hot toddys. I’ll exercise more…or not.
I’ve been trying to do something about all the stuff I’ve been complaining about. The shitty boy down, next is me being super kickass at the job. Wordlessly mewing never got anyone anything. We’re heading into a massive busy time (ever wonder what I do? Here you go.) and I plan to give no doubt that I go above and beyond. I want a really happy new year on that front. Ant and I are on the mega apartment hunt. It’s the pits really. Balcony, 1 big room, and a cave? Two equally sized big rooms and no living room? Awesome place near where I spend too much of my time but kitty corner from the projects? Dilemma, dilemma. We’re still looking.
Most surprising thing about recently is that I’ve been writing a lot (not here obviously)…and believe it or not, songs. We’ll see what happens to them. Once the initial excitement passed, I was very meh about it. I’m listening to too much A Cloud Mireya. It makes me think I can do it too. I suppose as long as I resist turning the saga of the rebound kid’s cat turning me into human pincushion nightly, it’ll be salvagable.

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