Kitty Power

I Can Feel It In The Beat

I’m holiday partied the fuck out. The whole week has been a blur of coworkers and I travelling in packs and imbibing and mingling and acting (a little bit) like fools. It’s interesting actually working in a fun part of the media world for a switch, so I can actually be social me instead of always wearing the mask like the old place. The sad part is that our work party isn’t even until next week, so I wonder if I’ll even be able to do anything but whimper at the sight of alcohol by then. To avoid that, I’ve grounded myself through the weekend to stave off another bout of the 6am dry heaves. My liver was threatening to commit suicide.
Tuesday’s party was in celebration of the passing of the 21st Amendment (which ended Prohibition and all that). Our lovely clients were the sponsors and all of us who slaved on it got to run around and drink ourselves stupid. My coworkers rule. It’s always a pleasure being around them. Getting there was a big adventure with the meeting on a strange corner and then shady random (damned good actor) giving us directions. We ended up being the first bunch at the party…which wasn’t that cool, but it evened out. We were mingling furiously. A few years back when I was newly returned to NYC and barely in my 20s running around with late 20 somethings/early 30 somethings, I wondered where the hell all the guys my age were. Now still running around with early 30 somethings, the guys my age have appeared from a secret mist or something. And they’re some accomplished cool ass fuckers too. I can’t bring myself to date or “date” any of them (yet), but seeing them makes me happy. Likewise, these random packs of 23 year olds everywhere. They’re so earnest. It almost warms my cold bitch heart. Erm, sidetracked. So, to make a long story short, we heart media boys and the ad world and open bars. Amen.
Except when some of those media boys see you at parties and spazz on you. Wednesday’s party was another company’s holiday party that we all got the 11th hour invite to. Yes, I will be there with bells on to drink your top shelf spirits and stuff myself with hors d’Ĺ“uvres and maybe even dance if i can be persuaded. Imagine my surprise when I came face to face with this random who lives near me that I’ve passed some meaningless time with. Well, I actually wasn’t that surprised at all. It was established that we both worked doing the same type of shit, though his company is like 5x the size of mine. I was even amused when he visibly blanched when he saw me across the room. Kids nowadays aren’t skillful enough at playing it cool in front of pseudogirlfriends and coworkers. So much for that one.


  1. You tell me? Popped out of any pumpkins lately?