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Turn Up The Eagles The Neighbors Are Listening

I ripped the whole Steely Dan boxset (and what?!) to my Zen the other day. To say I’m on a kick would be an understatement. I want to go to the Atlantic City show. It’s a SD/Michael McDonald double bill. All my Yacht Rock dreams come true! Man, I loved that show. I’m so sad it’s gone.
I was stuck upstate half the weekend and had the chance to sit around watch videos mindlessly for a bit. Cassie really is a Ciara knockoff. That’s like someone making a Conway version of a Chinatown Prada bag. Totally unnecessary. Deja Vu is the latest in highly stupid disjointed videos. Look at B shake her fake hair! Is she in Savannah? WTF is up with all the gloves? Zero dramatic tension in the video. Her wide-eyed look face shows what a crap actress she is. And the “hey everybody, look what I learned in African dance class” section is just even more bizarre. Someone stop putting Keyshia Cole and her non-singing ass on songs. She’s like the famous version of the teenage girls on the bus who wouldn’t know how to stay on key if they’re life depending on it. Enough with the wet cat sounds. Hate!
DFA79 broke up…that’s a shame. That was a kickass live show (minus the idiotic “banter”).
I can’t remember for the life of me where I got this link from but this is hilarious. Dude was a super dirty old man:

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  1. Hey girlfried!! Just giving you a shout out miss ya and hope to get together soon.