Kitty Power

No Fun

Something that’s been driving me nuts for months now: does the Burger King look like Val Kilmer or what? Am I the only one who sees that?
You know what turns me on? Modern technology. On the bus ride home tonight, I was chilling watching the Navy Yard and Vanderbilt go by, listening to As The World Turns. Yes, listening to an mp3 of the previous day’s episodes. They fucking podcast soap operas! Is that a riot or what? Complete with a voiceover describing wordless action and the “previously on..” and “next on…” scenes. And they update the new ones on the day of. It’s awesome.
I’ve been watching an excessive amount of videos lately. And pretty much only reminding myself how much I hate Keyshia Cole. That heifer ruined a video starring Tyrese with her bleating! I f’love Tyrese. I’ll watch him in just about anything..sooner or later. 2 Fast 2 Furious…needed more Tyrese…half-naked.
I’ve loved him a loooong time, since he was singing in Tommy commercials and had facial piercings. Remember when he was all edgy and playing the baddie in the “My Way” video? I do. As if someone would give up Tyrese for Usher! Not in this world. Why don’t I meet more Tyresesque guys? Oh yeah, cause I spend too much time with corny hipsters or acid freaks. No self respecting sex symbol would slum it like that. Ah well. Sucks to be me I suppose.

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