Kitty Power

I Don’t Get Money, Man, Money Get Me

Just under 2 weeks to go! I’m looking forward to this birthday so much. I’m definitely sick of being played out like a kid because I’m currently under 25. I mean it’s ridiculous, as if once I cross that line, I’ll be magically more mature. It annoys the hell out of me. A hardcore post-birthday perk is if I ever learn how to drive, I can finally get those good rates!
This year’s present wishes include: the Trapped In The Closet DVD, a ticket for the Kelley Polar show, strawberry cheesecake with strawberry ice cream from Junior’s, someone to tell me what those jeans with the gold-colored A on the back pockets are, and drinks at Milk & Honey. I’m pretty easy this year.
And to stop being all cryptic for just a minute, I’ve been working hard on resolution duty and I’d like to report that: I fucking rule. What I was alluding to last month was me feeling really bummed about my work situation for a long time and giving myself the deadline of March 17th to either get something new or walk away. And I found a place where I think I’ll be a perfect fit and I start at the end of March. I haven’t been this excited about a new venture in years and it’s my opportunity to be as creative and successful as I’ve always wanted to, when I wasn’t second guessing myself. So, I’m happy happy happy and pretty much just working on extracting myself from the present situation and looking forward to Miami/M3. Honestly, it just makes me feel really fucking good that I really am a desirable and I didn’t go into school debt for my health. Go me! Job hunting and feeling stuck is mega demoralizing and all the props in the world go out to the friends and the fam for being so encouraging when I really was beginning to think I’d forever be a drone getting my brain sucked away. If this doesn’t call for a celebration, I dunno what does!


  1. Congrats on the new job. You go girl!!!! And by the way 25 is a great age (as you know I have been 25 for quite a few years now ;) ).

  2. I’ll handle the drinks at milk & honey aspect. ;)

    Send me and Gabe an eVite and we’ll try to be there for the bday bash!!