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Come Here, Baby, I Love Your Company

I’ve been thinking lately why I’ll inherently never get ahead in certain spheres and just decided to opt out: I’m not a brown noser and I don’t really stop myself from broadcasting if I think something is not worth the time. I can muddle through my own bullshit well enough, but I’d rather not have to deal with someone else’s too.
On that front, want to hear a joke? The Plug Awards. That thing was an utter disaster. Unrehearsed, meandering, more people in the VIP section than the main floor at one point, shoddy production values, boring, and terrible in every sense. I don’t even want to get into the “funny” little taped skits. The MTV VMAs has nothing to worry about. I was pretty sure that I spotted Shady in the crowd (surprise, surprise). I’m not really sure if he saw me or not (if he had, I’d probably get a random IM about it. Bleh.). The boy and I were wandering along and was just like “*shudder* We need to not walk that way.” We stuck it out about an hour before making our escape.
Hanging with him was great. We met up near the venue and I pushed going to get a drink — to ease the pain of staying late at work again and to kill some of the initial awkwardness. Despite a rough patch where he went off about marketing people and companies like the one I work for (don’t give me that self-righteous hippie bull, son!), we were talking more over those two drinks than we may have…ever. Then off to the awards and to a Beans show at NYU which was the point of meeting up in the first place. We chattered and people watched, both confused by this thing one of the guy in the band had that was like a cross between a tape reel and a spinning wheel. Dude looked ridiculous throwing tape over his shoulder and we couldn’t actually distinguish what kind of sound it made. I dunno. From there, more wandering and it was just insanely comfortable. Of course, it’s up in the air like everything. I’m getting used to it.

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  1. :) you crack me up.