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If We Got Married, Would That Be Cool?

Sunday, neighbor friend Lirio and I trotted over to the Court St. Theater to catch a sneak preview of Something New. Surprisingly enough (or perhaps not), I’m really big into the black boho romcom genre. Fave movie of those: Hav Plenty and I would’ve loved it even better if they would’ve kept the original “you snooze, you lose” ending. I always kinda wish for those. Not because I’m a hardened cynic or whatever, but because it’s always nice to have a dose of reality at the end. Sometimes you just fuck up and can’t fix it and that’s just how it is! Oops, sorry. I’m letting my emo slip out.
I’m gonna start off with what I didn’t like:
— the hair thing. It was really annoying that when she had her long weave that unless she was being “fancy,” she never put the fucking thing up. No ponytails, no scrunchies, never back or up, just her hair flopping about her shoulders all the time. Yeah right. And then when she went natural, the same thing: always hanging loose and curly. As if a woman as prissy as she was supposed to be never switched up her hairstyle. And when he asked her about taking out her weave saying that he wanted to see her “really naked,” I really had to gag. In real life, a) he would probably never notice and b) I can’t see her saying more than “fuck off. Issue deaded” instead of actually going to the hairdresser to get the tracks out.
— they never showed his place. If you’re dating (or whatever-ing) someone and spending as much time with them as the movie implied, unless they have something to hide, you’ll have been at their place before. All they needed was one scene there, even just a visual would’ve been good. As it was, it seemed like dude fell from the sky to garden and roll around in his pickup truck. It would’ve made a nice contrast to know what kind of life he was living. Really nothing about Brian was sketched out besides him being a generally cool guy (except when he said something naive) who worked in the community garden and was all crunchy and stuff. Even giving him a dad (Cliff Clavin!) in the end was just an afterthought. It would’ve been nice to even have a throwaway scene with Kenya meeting his friends.
And that’s pretty much it. Everything else I enjoyed: the full out debates between the friends (oh so familiar!); him getting some shit as well as ignored or people being kinda indifferent (“The white guy’s alright!) as well as not being completely naive either; the Ideal Black Man (Blair Underwood looking not so hot. Dude looked mad skinny and had a perv’s moustache, even if his character was cool) not being a bad guy, just not the guy for her; the workplace stuff — I always get annoyed when people aren’ty really doing anything at their fictional jobs. She was working hard and that guy who didn’t respect her pissed me off, so I liked the aspect that her boss was on her side and she made partner; and mainly the interactions between the two of them. I’ve had a million of those conversations and it was nice to see them not glossed over.
I was amused by all the older black women grumbling about how fine the guy who played Brian was. Dude was cute — and I don’t even like blonds. I just liked that they let both of the characters be bumblers. They were mutually fucking up all the time and that’s realistic. It made even sweeter that they worked out in the end. (Yeah…that’s not a spoiler. If you thought they weren’t going to end up together in the end, you must’ve never seen a romantic movie before!) I wanna see it again!

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  1. wait, blair underwood wasn’t hot in this movie? not sure I want to see it. j/k. :)