Kitty Power

I Try

Bleary-eyed, I made my way down the block towards the corner. Running late as usual. There’s some random standing on the stoop at 341. I note him, but I’m walking and don’t particularly care.
“Hey, girl,” he says.
“Hey,” I respond tightly, not even slowing down.
“Let me talk with you a second…”
Please. I’m past and not even pretending that I’d entertain the thought.
“That’s alright. I’ll catch you later,” he says in a sing-songy way that annoys me to my back.
Fuck off.
Hours later, walking back up the block. I’m having one of the many shitty days of that work week. My immediate thoughts are: home and food. I see the group on the steps of 341 immediately. I’m not even thinking about them and I’ve forgotten about the dick from earlier.
“Hey there,” says the guy from the morning. I recognize his voice. It’s kinda taunting. “Can I walk you to your building?”
I roll my eyes, maybe partially shake my head and just keep walking. Bullshit I don’t have time for.
“Once you go black, you never go back, you know.”
That gets a look. A quick narrowed eyes sharp one. I can’t even figure out which one he is. There’s like 6 of them and it’s dark. They laugh at my reaction.
“Uh huh…we know all about you. We’ve been watching you.”
Fucking nerve. I seethe and just walk. They laugh again, mocking me. Every fucking step is excruciating cause I want to turn on my heel and curse them out so bad that they’re grandkids’ ears ring. Sons of bitches acting like they know me.
I’m raging about it all night. Everyone’s as pissed as me… but Farmer. “Oh that’s funny. Just some dude trying to mack. Hehe.” I want to curse him out too. “You just don’t understand,” I write. I want to start by saying “you’ll never know what it’s like on multiple levels” but it’s a waste of energy. If only I had blinkers too.


  1. bleh! jerks!! next time, throw rocks.
    I hate our nabe boys on so many levels, and I’m sick of turning the corner from my block to yours and being confronted by a huge group of guys all either ‘ignoring’ me and blocking my path, or talking shit to me. :(

  2. Oh shit, must have been so hard to hold your tongue. Their are some seriously immature and obnoxious dude in the hood esp. St. Johns. It’s just so lame that they’re mocking you when you could cut them off at the knees if you wanted to stoop.

  3. Did this happen again? Or did something remind you of it? I think you need to stop listening to that Mary…

  4. Actually this draft was scheduled to pop up like 2 weeks ago, but was too retarded to show up.
    I need to carry around a taser or something. That’d make life interesting.