Kitty Power

Champion Sound And We Just Don’t Care

Things are simultaneously very relaxed and very hectic. I’m trying to masterplan my WMC trip and decide if the formal conference really is for me or not. After all, I just want to drink some cocktails and go to shows and BS around as I choose. Panels and workshops for most of the daytime doesn’t really help with that. We’ll see. I’m on vacation for a good solid week and I might schedule a post-M3 day or two just to lay around in the sun. I really can’t wait.
The next couple of months is looking good in general: the return of the prodigals Alex and Farmer, the trip, and of course, the birthday! It’s 5 weeks from Thursday. Countdown to start shortly. 25! Strangely, I don’t feel half as bent out of shape as I did turning 24. That whole changeover was the pits. I’m actually kinda looking forward to this one. I’ve been working on my resolutions. #1, 4, and 9 are interconnected and I’ve set a personal deadline of March 17th to wrap a lot of shit up. (Yes, I am going to be cryptic for now.) I’m pretty much focused on that and the trip only. Everything else is kinda whatever. I reached out to the boy (#8 and a little 10) in a random mood and we might meet up on Thursday and just chat– though now that my lucky ass won Plug Awards tickets that plan is up in the air. I’ve hit the stage where I don’t want him in the old sense, but I miss being around him. Best case scenario: it won’t be strained. We’ll see how it winds up.
The funniest thing that happened lately was a night out with neighbor friends Alafairnadia and Carnivore. Us three plus Carnivore’s coworker drank free Sparks (fucking noxious!) in the basement of Lit all a-chattering. My age got brought up and the coworker said to me: “God, what year were you born? You’re so young. Do you even know any music from the seventies?” I went *gasp* and said, “I can’t believe you said that! I’m not talking to you anymore! Okay, for 20 minutes.” And he would keep turning back to talk to me and I’d shake my head and he’d look at his watch and sigh. Silly, yes. I blame the Sparks. It makes you retarded. I did end up chatting with him again (before the 20 mins had passed actually. That’s a long fucking time, man. I’ve got a short attention span) and when he headed off, the DH three headed over to the former Guernica.
There was a show that we completely missed, but we hung around at the bar just drinking and stuff. As I was paying for my drink, I ended up striking up a convo (as I do) with this random. He had like four beers lined up in front of him and was all “eh. I dunno if I should do this. I’m already borderline alcoholic.” I raised my glass and replied: “aren’t we all?” and we chattered from there. He had this accent that I could not place for the life of me. Kiwi? Bizarro Afrikaaner? I dunno. The others were off at a table and were beat with it fast approaching 4am, so Alafairnadia took matters into her own hands.
As I ironically said to Carnivore, “when I’m on the fence, she chats with the dude and pushes things forward” (even if I was really just chatting and not even trying to get more than dude’s number or whatever), she was (unbeknownst to me) saying to the guy: “Listen, it’s decision time. Either you take her home and fuck her or let her come home with us. You’ve got 5 mins to decide” and walked away. Yes, that’s what she said. So then, he comes back over to me super serious and says: “I would really really like to take you home and sleep with you, I’ve really been having a great time talking to you, but I can’t. My sister is really sick and I have to take care of her tomorrow, but I would like to hook up with you very much.” I’m looking at him like he has 3 heads. Erm what? Who said anything about going home with him? I was way confused and though I connected it with something she had said to him, I didn’t think to ask. I was just ultrapuzzled and then left. Lame. But, I did post a missed connection about the whole thing (because I’m not so secretly sappy, yes it’s true). No response so far. Ah well.


  1. oh man. that’s one of my best/not best moments EVER. :)

  2. But man, he ended up pretty emo! Maybe you saved me a few months of ridiculousness.