Kitty Power

I’ll Stand By You

So yeah, you know about the strike. It’s pretty rough. I walked to and from work Tuesday and it majorly sucked. My knees and joints are staging a mutiny against me. I also found out that bridges give me a case of vertigo. I almost passed out on my walk home. Not so awesome.
I took the LIRR in Wednesday and caught a ride back home that night, It’s pretty nightmarish, but I support the TWU (my mom is a former member) and find the coverage on the news generally biased and disgusting. I can only imagine with glee the book my former Jobs, Unemployment, and Social Welfare prof will write about this. May the union prevail! No wonder why Mr. Sailor called me a communist.

One Comment

  1. I’m of the opposite opinion when it comes to support of the Union. But I think we can both agree that we’re glad its over.