Kitty Power

I Wanna Show You How I Handle Business

We’ve since softened our “no like!” stance on the new Tiga. There’s more than a handful that we like, but we haven’t gone back to it yet this week so…meh. We finally let curiosity get the better of us and got some Kelley Polar. The one song so far is like delicate disco or something. We like…very much. Everyone I read (of the critic variety) is making year end lists. And since I like wasting space on randomness, I’ll do one too..sooner or later. What’ll probably be on it is pretty no brainer. Every album that I actually got around to listening to fully the past year more or less. But, we’ll see it when I make it up.
Meanwhile, take these:
Dub Trio, Sick Im Kid
The Jones Girls, Nights Over Egypt
Chateau Flight, Les Antipodes
Diverse, In Accordance
Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cutter
Man Man, Tear of Octopus (Adam Sparkle Remix)

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