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Drop In The Ocean

After almost 25 years of snow, we’ve decided that we like it as long as we don’t have to go out and function in it. Pristine, just fallen snow: great. Dog-pissed, slushy, wet icy snow: shit. I’m amazed we didn’t either drown or fall in today’s journey to work and believe me, it was hard not to. Nothing says awesome like flooded boots in the morning!
So, you know I was pissed when the lady came onto the train doing her “praise Jesus!” shtick. And especially so when she plopped down next to me and started a-chattering with the lady beside her about how Jesus is everywhere. A little old man got on the train somewhere around Wall Street and he looked pretty dismayed that there was nowhere to sit as he shook and could barely hold onto the pole — incidentally, right in front of that chick, now reading her prayer book and averting her eyes like the rest of us. I looked around as he did, hoping that someone would leave and he could take their spot, feeling kinda blah and lazy and tired, guilt tripping myself because I really hate seeing older people have to suffer around town. So, I got up at Park Place and he took my seat. He smiled at me and I went “eh…whatever” and took his place in front of preaching lady. Still awfully engrossed in the Lord’s word. And I got a new seat at Chambers. That’s my good deed for the holiday season. We now return to the “bah humbug” already in progress.
This week was a bit amusing overall. I’ve accepted the truth after so long: yes, I am a self-loathing hipster. I’m not proud obviously (being self-loathing and all), but I can deal with it. After all, what else would I be if C telling me this (new to me) piece of gossip that a certain supernova scenester-type (who may or may not be pictured here) does their wig and glasses shtick to hide the fact that they are a middle-aged sort perving after young idiotic sniffers. I think it’s awesome personally. Reason #1 why I don’t hang out half as much as I used to: you never know who’ll crawl out from under a rock to talk to you. But when you’re doing all the bad things, it’s a part of the adventure. Natch.
Alafairnadia and I made a pilgrimage to the toy shoppe. I was especially up for it because after not thinking of the boy at all for a while (because of my short-attention span and all), it seemed like everyone was asking about him/us and then I started to wonder about him…and we’re not going down that road. He literally is someone that can be better replaced with plastics. Flipping through this lame ass hipster “smut” mag, who did I see in a spread only half-naked (thank my lucky stars) but The DJ! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Especially since for once and for all, he’s just not that hot and has the body of a 14-year old. Ugh. Oh, the dark days of former crushes! And then just to amuse myself, I picked up this glass/hard plastic toy and used it for emphasis as I chatted with Alafairnadia. There was this couple skulking around that got redder and redder as I did. “Oh noes! Someone is holding a sex toy in a sex toy shop! Horrors! We’ll just have to get that Bend Over Boyfriend online! It’s just embarrassing in here!” And they fled. Tsk, tsk.

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  1. that couple KILLED me. hahahahahha. lame-asses. seriously.