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The “I’m updating craaaaazy!” edition.
If I’ve neglected to do so on the blog already, a special congrats are going out to Japan to previous 14A occupants, Josh and Miyuki for their crazy adorable baby! Awww…pictures! I need to stop looking before I kickstart my clock by accident or something.
Bill thinks he’s hot shit because he started a music blog. Whatever, man. But, it’s a good one. Imagine: someone putting music up that everyone else hasn’t yet! It’s a crazy concept!
Some examples why I have the best neighborhood/nabe blog: we’re having a weekly happy hour (I choose ignore the games component. I like to play the “how much drinks before I start weaving?” game. Fun for a whole group!) and getting hats, but most importantly, a bake sale to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims and the Houston Food Bank. It’s taking place this Sunday from noon until it’s all scarfed at PS 9 (St. Marks between Vanderbilt and Underhill). I plan to stroll over — cracked out/hungover or not — and get a big old piece of cake or 4. Anyone in the area should drop by also.
Oh. I almost forgot to mention. I’m moving to Chicago to become a full-time stalker.


  1. Thanks Kitty. I’m loving the Dad thing, even if I haven’t slept more than 2 hours at a stretch over the last 2 weeks.
    yeah, lil’ Nico’s a cutie.

  2. Candicissima, if we play Trivial Pursuit I would totally take you for a partner. I see real real bullshit trivia potential in you. Of course, if you drag me down, I will jettison you the following week and act like I don’t know you.
    To be fair, I will play “how much drinks before I start weaving?” with you, although I must warn you, in my case odds are evenly split between “one” and “two”.

  3. Haha. I forget I actually get post feedback sometimes!
    Cupcake: You are right. I do have a brain cluttered with useless trivia and I can murder the competition in a contest. We can be partners and reap all the spoils.

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