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I Hear That Everyone You Know Is More Relevant Than Everyone I Know

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Yeah…whatever I said about newly having my free time back was a fucking lie. I’ve gotten the crap slammed out of me at work this week. I’m so glad that the weekend is finally here. I couldn’t take another day of crazy working. The plan (unless I oversleep like I have twice this week) is to be to work at 8:30ish and hopefully be out by 6:30/7. Yes, this week is kinda sucks to be me.
Not to imply it hasn’t been fun. I made time to apparently take up take up a mid-week residency at Soda. Tuesday night, I went to meet up with Mr. Now (for lack of a better pseudonym) I guess and while I was waiting, one of the neighbors strolled up to me. I was neutral and we chatted for a min and he offered that I should knock if I needed anything in a way that made my skin crawl. Yeah…hold your breath for that, son. He slinked off and soon after the boy came along and I smiled and everything was good. Back to the same bat station the next night for the weekly happy hour episode #1. I’ve got some pretty cool neighbors and we had a great time. With the bonus of spawning a hilarious thread on the board. You know I must’ve been worn out to say:

Hipsters are like chihuahuas, I’m Lucky the Ghetto Poodle. Both are little bitches, but I’m more entertaining.

Bill, Faiks, The Director, and like everybody says I am a hipster, but we all know I’m not, right? Right?!?!
In the meantime, read up at Four Four (categories on Tyra Banks, ANTM, and other crackhead-filled shows plus music!) and Angry Black Bitch. I should even finally getting around to posting the Prefuse boat show wrapup…like Sundayish. Hopefully.

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for linking to a bitch…

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