Kitty Power


The “I really wasn’t joking when I said I’d be cutting down on the blogging until my event was done. Go read them instead.” edition.
Chicago declares August 10th “House Unity Day.” [via David]
Abe, a rare Hunterite I wouldn’t ignore if I saw in the street (unlike most), has reentered the blogging game with a vengenance. Go learn something about technology and like stuff. The linkflow is overstuffed with jewels.
Josh was the previous occupier of my apartment. He and his wife still get more mail than Ant and I. He’s got a blog about ex-pat life in Japan and it looks like he’s up to some wacky stuff.
There’s a definite percentage of people I know with some curmugeonly ass blog personas (See also: McFizzie, Petur and hell, I guess me too) yet aren’t mean ogres type in real life like you’d expect. Add to that Dave, former neighbor who bought me pints at the happy hour and was decidedly not as crazy and mumbling as I probably expected. (Awkwardly phrased compliment believe it or not!)
Keeping us laughing at work has been the Defamer reader-coined “Butterscotch Stallion” phrase taking over the news media. We actually hate Owen Wilson and his penis nose, so it makes it even more amusing for us. Vince Vaughn on the other hand…we like the tall, smart-ass, a little sleazy with questionable morals type (since we are all of those things but tall), so we’d starfuck him in a hot second. He seems like he’d [insert something rather inappropriate for a family site. Take a wild guess or IM me for it] which would be awesome.

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