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Next Level

It’s one of those not so secret blog things — you know, openly alluded to but not explicitly stated to pretty much cover my ass, e.g. my last name — that I’ve been on the fence about my job for a minute now. The typical complaints: over-/underworked and definitely underpaid.
The summer’s been tense on that front with a lot of switchups company wide and I got a raise, which was nice but didn’t help much. My super great boss resigned the other week which was really surprising, but she’s off to go live out her dream or whatever, so that’s cool and I was sorta jealous at first. I was being semi-pushed for her job, but was on the fence and I opted out of that. A girl on the team stepped up (I actually pushed her towards it) and I wavered for a minute if I was going to take her old job, since I already basically do it half the time anyways (a part of the overworked bit). Yesterday was the “interview” with HR where I put on my enthuasiastic face and worried that I was sounding like a total ass, but found out the paper work was basically drawn up for me to sign and they were just waiting for me to show some initiative.
So, I got a promotion! Go me! I’ll also have a lot more money coming my way and a semi-schmancy title (though no one knows/understands what I do anyways, so whatever). In some ways, more responsibility and in others, 75% less aggravation. The shallow happiness comes from now being on par with what I know people my age in similar industries (whom I’ve been resenting heavily like forever) are making. I might actually have something to save now! Imagine that.
Still, this kinda throws a monkey wrench into some plans I’ve been drawing up. I’m locked in through the fall now, but I think my free time and general happiness/stress level should only improve. After that, we’ll see what happens. If I wasn’t so preoccupied with Thursday’s happenings and probably wanting nothing more than to sleep/chill after that, I’d suggest a party or something.

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