Kitty Power

If That Don’t Beat All

In the midst of running around like a chicken with her head cut off (both at home and work), I’ve been having a strange creative upswing lately.
Just as I was considering how to make $10 stretch for a week and a half and trying not to revert to begging the ‘rents mode, a writing job literally fell from the sky. (Oh look at me, I networked!) It should be a nice brain muscle stretch (with money!), so I’m pretty excited yet nervous. I haven’t written much of anything in too long. New leaf perhaps? The timing is funny because I was chatting on IM yesterday and damned near went into catatonic shock hearing about a payment. I’m all up for making rent in one shot. This job is peanuts, but it’s a good starting point. I realized not too long ago that I’ve got about zero confidence and hustle on that front, which is of course bad. Gotta sharpen that pencil and shit.
I was also fleshing out some outline ideas for the damned story always on backburner progress. And my ILX Canuckistani friend and I are working on something fun. Will it be hot? Oh, indeed. And I also had a new t-shirt idea on the train: Starfucker For Hire. Too much is definitely jamming the brain right now. Next stop: writer’s block!

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