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Oh yeah, I forgot I should be posting..
I know I’m old when I think to myself, “oh yeah, school’s out. Now, I can leave the house later because the little assholes aren’t clogging up the train!” Yet later in the day mentally remark, “ugh…why are you shits so loud on the streets? Year-round schooling!” Happy summertime…
Besides that, we’re broker than broke. And in a mood. We’re slacking in life lately. It’s more fun to lounge about and nap with the fan on level 2. The weekends are too short. We’ve got big projects that we’re working on with the potential to be awesome or totally disastrous. We have a whole list of things that we want so badly, we dream about them. We’re not really sure why we’re using the royal pronoun, but we’re going with it. The family still thinks we’re blimp-sized which is why we only check in once a year. We can put ourselves down just as well, thanks. Pass us some more pizza.
We’d like it to be 10 degrees cooler. And somehow unearth a hundred or so to make the crunch less painful. But, summer is our favorite season because most things worthwhile are free. A good bit of luck and we’ll be solid again.
ETA: To keep y’all entertained, here’s a fun little thing I’ve unearthed from the depths of Helga. It’s a blast from the past snippet of a interview that I did with dear friend/rock star Alex senior year when I actually believed I could focus long enough to write something — and that I never did get around to transcribing. For the record, I don’t think I’ve giggled since that much in my whole life. I’m not really known as giggler. I also hate the way I sound on recordings, but that’s neither here nor there.


  1. You’ve got good taste. Except for Fannypack.
    I almost booed them off the stage three years ago before somone poored beer on my back and my date took off her earrings and we prepared to throw down. They were lip syncing. and their producer provided the only entertainment—or attempted entertainment. I fyou can find Ghost Blazer, our friends that opened for them you’d be better off.

  2. I’m not their biggest fan, for sure. I only like about 3 songs off their new one and I definitely can’t see myself checking out their show. Chromeo burned me, so I doubt I’ll give any of those “sincere throwback” groups my real life time again.

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