Kitty Power

Off 2 Work

I’m attempting to work on my first review type thing ever — and because I’m a clown, the focus list of one album would be the one that I can not track down to save my life. Both of my trusty pirating methods failed me. (If you’ve got it, give a holla.) I’m off trying to force myself to think of an alternative. Le sigh. ETA: Hot damn! Found it! Viva La Slsk!
In the meantime, I dragged myself down to National Wholesale Liquidator and bought a fan. Everyone in the store, street, and train looked like they wanted to bumrush me for it. Chill, y’all, it was only $14! Go get your own! And now that we’re not burning up, we can go back to room dancing with today’s slk spoils: Dizzie Rascal, “Off To Work.” (original | instrumental | remix instrumental | craptastic video on some timewarp Big Daddy Kane shit) It’s reminded me that I’ve always wanted to drop anchor in the LDN, but with no money and skills, hella unlikelier than just about anything else. I shall continue living vicariously I suppose.

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