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Tag. I’m it.
Total volume of music files on my computer: On my computer, 18.53 GB (which still seems low) and 10GB on my 20 GB Zen.
Last CD I bought was . . .: I haven’t bought a CD in years seriously. The last were probably Prefuse 73, Extinguished and Stone Temple Pilots, Thank You circa holiday season 2003. The last CD procured in erm, a not so legal way was Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, Music and Rhythm last week.
Song playing right now: DJ Funk, “Ass & Titties”
Five songs I listen to a lot these days: Jamie Lidell “Multiply;” Four Tet “Smile Around The Face” (both especially because of the June/July XLR8R…marry me, Kieran! Even if you do look a zombie in all the issue pictures!); Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra “East West;” Dizzee Rascal “Off 2 Work;” Cindy Mizell “This Could Be The Night.”
I choose to carry on the meme:
Stevie Nixed


  1. You’re right 18Gigs is not much. I have 200 Gigs on my computer now – of which all but 10GB were gifted by someone else…the collecting eventually starts getting a little crazy. I dont even know what I am listening to.
    And the RIAA wants to argue over Grokster. HA!

  2. Oh I pine for the moment in which I can buy the one terabyte HD w/o deleting my funds. Although, you know, a 100 gigas sounds about appropriate.

  3. I’ve realized that the only reason it’s so low is that I’ve been too lazy to rip my hundreds of CDs. Too much hassle.
    And I think if I had more HD space, all I’d be is more tethered to the darn thing.

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