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I Aint No Hollaback


Isn’t it fitting that the corniest song of 2005 has a crappy video too? I hate that song. It’s starting to make me twitch, but I can’t escape it. Twice in the past day, it’s been dropped in places that you would think should know better. Boo. ETA: Get lost, Stefani fans. I don’t really care how many comments you leave, I don’t plan on adding them. Go write a fan letter or something.
The most exciting parts of my weekend were the last bit of laundry, two new pairs of sneakers (I’m so cool and fashion forward I can hardly stand it), and friends QT. Friday night, saw a show spent too much money, ’twas rainy and cold all weekend, boo. Saturday, Ant and I lounged around the house enjoying not having to be chained to our desks. Weekends are thoroughly inactive around these parts. Dear Work Fairies, set us free from our slave labor miseries! The money’s not worth the stress!
Later on that night, I met up with Jay-V and friends on the West 3rd Strip. A birthday was being celebrated and I had floated out the name of a club in the area as one they might like. Apparently, the place was beyond pale and on an 80s and rock kick, so the early arrivers ran screaming (on the inside) to the place next door. I met up with them and I felt like I had been whisked back to Wes. It was like an X party meets grown and sexy. Hip-hop, hip-hop, hip-hop with a side of dancehall. I usually find myself in some makeshift event somewhere, so I was amused by the “wow…people dress up to go to parties?! That’s amazing!” novelty. That soon wore off paying $9 for a fucking rum and cranberry…after a $10 cover which was only bearable because I’d just found $10 in a cab on the way there. I hate going anywhere in that fucking neighborhood…unless wings are involved.
PrincessNella and I trotted off to Emerald, this joint way east where the friend C sent me a text about having an afterhours. I sipped a (cheaper) rum & cran and blathered on and on about the perpetual stupidity of my love life. In a nutshell: dud in every permutation, but occasionally entertaining — to other people at least. At 4am on the way home, a phantom voicemail from The Director. I laughed dismissively and went to home to get meow-yelled at by my cat.


  1. I came home that night going “Wow, I think I’ve missed hanging out with black people!”
    And then I got over it.

  2. I hate that song too! Actually Gwen hasn’t been the same since the second No Doubt album. Remember back when she used to write songs about stuff, like “I’m Just a Girl?”
    Nowadays she just wants to feel “Hella Good,”

  3. That song is possibly the worst song ever. For some reason though, every local radio station feels the need to play it once every 10 minutes. it just bounces around in your head and you find your self sitting alone going b-a-n-a-n-a.. how is bannananas spelled again? if it doesnt stop its going to keep bouncing around untill a blood vessel bursts in my head.

  4. What is a Hollaback Girl anyways?!?

  5. Something nonsensical I assume.
    And I’m serious Stefani fans. Go away. This here is a dictatorship. Go start/comment on your own blog.

  6. Cran and rum? Hmm, might have to try that one! (Hopefulyl a chaper version).
    I came across this blog when I googled the words ‘hate song hollaback’ cause I have it stuck in my head and it really is terrible…

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