Kitty Power

Auf Wiedersehen

I feel like this has currently outlived its usefulness.
I’ve got a lot on my plate and I’m at a point where I’d rather write for me than passive strangers. I’m trying to move forward on a lot of things and be well and healthy, but I’ve got too many distractions. This is one.
I’m sure I’ll pop back in a min. I always do. Meanwhile, wish me the best and the best to you.
ETA: Since I’ve been asked, the date at the top is May 31st for a few reasons: 1) so it’ll stay at the top for a while and 2) I’m not killing the blog (because if I was, I’d pull a Liminal Liberal and delete the whole thing, archives and all) 3) when it finally goes away circa early June, maybe everything’ll be sorted out and I’ll be ready to come back. In the meantime, the archives will be good for a laugh and I can recommend those links heavily. And I still love IMs and emails. Laters.

Ah fuck it. I give up.

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