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I actually had a long funny post that I slaved over to put up, but my work computer ate it. I guess non-angry/bitter/(insert emotion here) posts don’t make the cut. I’m actually in a pretty good mood — I mean, it’s finally spring…yay! I’m sitting S the cat while Ms. Mommy moves and such. We’ve been rolling around on the floor and having a good time. My everlasting love only temporarily wavered when she woke me up at 4am mewing to let her run around outside my room and ran across my body to get to the window.
Anybody want to hear about my new bath mats? Hmm…no? How about my latest pilgrimage to Western Beef? (Ice cream, tater tots, and Carolina red hots, y’all!) Oh, no to that too? Well, I’ll you how my weakness got the better of me and made me lose a house wager…
Ant and I are a bit of an odd pair. He’s a super sensitive nice guy with an inner frat boy dying to escape and I’m…me, temperamental with a heart of gold (or ice — depending on the moment) with a Suzy Homemaker side steadily revealing herself. When we moved in, our love lives were pretty stagnant and the prospects weren’t looking good. I suggested that we make a bet that the first person to have a turnaround and christen the house (so to speak) had to buy the loser a 6-pack of our favorite non-beer beer, Woodpecker. Because I’ve got strange luck, my turnaround was first, but being a crafty bastard — and the sheer fact that I was living on an air mattress for over a month — I got out of handing over the pack. I’ve been on a sabbatical (for a myriad of reasons) and was happily expecting to be a “loser.” Ant’s actually on an admirable course: a nice guy finding a nice girl and them being super nice together, but hell, it isn’t getting me any Woodpecker!
My slip was inevitable really. The doom and gloom mood has passed. The weather’s great. Prospects on the table is always a plus. I’ve been gearing up to kick a lot of fun things into go mode. I created an opportunity and went for it. Trying to be slick to the end, imagine my surprise to find Ant and our temp roomie J wide awake and shooting the shit at 1:30am on a Sunday. Ah well. I “lost” fair and square. I need more situations where the outcome is pretty sweet no matter what.


  1. Well, you KNOW we want to hear about Western Beef…!

  2. At least one person cares about what’s important! That’s good to know.
    In a nutshell: a) good thing I stuck with the hand basket because I was painfully loaded up like a pack mule on the trip home. b) the most inexplicable thing: not a package of ground beef to be found anywhere! what the heck is up with that?!

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