Kitty Power

Suite For The Way Things Change

What a difference the sun and a furry companion make! Believe it or not, I’ve actually been going around with a smile on my face. And when I’m lounging about my house, I’d rather be making tuna casserole than fucking around on the net…haha, that’s a lie. I’m always on the net but I’ve also been making tuna casserole. Help! I’m turning into a pod person! I’m all mellow and shit. And with one of my fave friends Alex back in town, the mood can only improve. Sorry, folks, you might have to get used to a cheery me. It was bound to happen eventually.
I’ve been busy mostly. It’s review and raise time at the job and I’m trying to have all my shit in order. I’m taking on more responsibilities with the crew, so that’ll keep me heavily occupied come summer. Trying to make some goals and stick to them. As always, there’s personal changes and I’m trying to rediscover things that make me happy. I was getting sick of myself being so melancholy all the time and I’m actively doing something about it. Farmer and I had falling out #1,598,237 the other week and it might just stay that way because I’m just tired of caring most. The like molasses moving thing with The Brit is just funny and fun because it’s so chaste. For the most part, I never meet anyone cool and normal and my age, so I just want this to develop as it does. I’m most amused that it doesn’t even really bother me that at this rate probably won’t even kiss him until some time in the fall. Of course, I’m not dead, so other prospects are indeed on the table.
In other news: I need to do a total revamp of the links. Some of that stuff is way out of date. My neighborhood blog is the bomb — and not only because they listened to my suggestion. One of my dear HS friends just got engaged and Ant and I rolled up to the party to drinks some Belve and see how the other half lives. I finally saw a group I’ve been trying to see since I moved back to NYC. But I missed one of my fave DJ/producers at a party I haven’t gotten my shit together to check yet. I was mere blocks away listening to The Brit’s brother drop some dope d’n’b. Everyone wants to be my myspace friend…God, people, don’t make me log on! I hate that thing! But I did log on long enough to make Man Man my friend and I might even wear my shirt to their first NYC show in a min on Wednesday.
And you know, I’d be even happier if I could find a bike for under $100.

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