Kitty Power

The Long Haul

This is staying at the top until March 18th has passed. (Oh, look — it’s here!) It’s that time of the year again and I’m not even going to pretend I’m going to keep up on updates. But, I actually did pretty well I think. Even though, some smarties didn’t notice that there’s been plenty of new stuff right below this. Next week is the birthday (party details forthcoming…I guess) (check. I’m a million years old!), then The Closet, and then I’m off to the WMC.
In all seriousness, come to The Closet! It’s gonna be the shizz for real. You can watch me tear my hair out and try not to let my head explode! But there’s a lot of cool shit in there that you’ll be kicking yourself about missing afterwards.
So basically, KP should be back to something resembling normal in umm…April I guess. Of course, because I just said I probably won’t write, they’ll be some new shit underneath this since I’m contrary and all. (How right I was!) And if there isn’t, imagine me running around like a crazy and probably having fun. Toodles.

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