Kitty Power

Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

Jamirakid: aaron the outer is a fucking dead man
Jay-V: why
Jamirakid: he’s got other people saying “oh you’re the blogger girl!”
Jamirakid: “my friend aaron told me about you”
Jay-V: lol
Jamirakid: this bartender in 419 who i’ve been seeing for fucking years said that to me
Jamirakid: i totally recoiled
Jay-V: LOL
Jamirakid: i’m gonna kick his ass
Jamirakid: i also saw shady at aaron’s party last night
Jamirakid: with a fucking clone of me in 2002
Jay-V: he’s still alive?
Jamirakid: apparently
Jamirakid: he’s so fake. “oh how are you? we should catch up blah blah”
Jay-V: well what did you want him to say?
Jamirakid: “fuck off, bastard. a) i’m on the phone b) stop playing”
Jamirakid: he made such a production of it
Jamirakid: a drive by “hi” would’ve done well enough, thanks
Jamirakid: and that girl wasn’t really a clone
Jamirakid: a) she was ugly too b) she was lame
Jamirakid: mmm…i had a big cup of hater tea today!
Jay-V: lol you sure did!
Good thing I never said I wasn’t a fucking bitch, eh? Later on,

Jamirakid: i’ve got people around town going “oh hey, you’re the blog girl! my friend aaron told me about you!”
Jamirakid: okay…one, but that’s too many even
Aaron The Outer: *shrug*
Jamirakid: grr
Jamirakid: you suck
Aaron The Outer: maybe this well help you learn to not take yourself so seriously, and that the internet isn’t a virtual phonebooth that allows clark kent to change into superman ;)
Jamirakid: oh stfu
Aaron The Outer: bwaahah

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