Kitty Power

Breathe, Stretch, Shake

“New York…just like I pictured it! Skyscrapers and everythang!” If you can identify that line, you can go get a cookie. You deserve it!
I touched down at LGA circa noonish, starting my journey at 4:30am in MIA. The extra day wasn’t quite as flip as my last post by far. True to form, I had another travel disaster just when I began to breathe easy. Missed my flight out yesterday afternoon and got screwed on catching the last one out of town on that airline. Back to Miami Beach I went. The hysterics faded as I holed up in a hotel for cheap with some delicious Cuban food and quality time with my two current fave albums on the Zen. I fucking adore that town and wish I had money to set up shop there. Meanwhile if you notice me, brushing up on my Spanish, that’s why.
The trip was awesome — if only for the people spotting and musical hodgepodge alone. I spent so much time cruising and walking around listening to music. Miami is like a perma NYC summer with music blasting from everywhere. They actually have good radio stations! I’ve returned wanting to consume everything — breaks, ghettotech, acid house, grime, soca, samba, and shit that I don’t even know the name of. My mind was blown by everything I saw and did and I love that it all was so relaxed compared to the frantic unfulfilling nights around here in town. I’m super brown and the smile is enormous. I feel fantastic.
And the fact that spring finally arrived really does not hurt. I also know I’ll probably be miserable again before the week is out, but I’m trying to savor this before reentering the grind tomorrow. It was so good while it lasted.

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