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The “strolling back into irrelevancy” edition.
But first, a query: “there are so women hip-hop bloggers, like blah, blah, and blah” = “i so have black friends, like blah, blah, and blah”? And clarification of previous post: I was venting and invoking the right to be facetious. And all the peacock strutting about was giving me a headache.
I was most amused by Hashim‘s comment: “I didn’t know you follow *us* so closely. You know the names, memes, and everything!” If a bear shit in the woods but no one sees, did it actually happen? Just because I haven’t jumped in the convos with gusto (before now) doesn’t mean I can’t read. I’m bored at work like everyone else. I either a) don’t feel the same point should be beaten into the ground: you agree! you agree! where’s the pats on the head?! b) don’t feel like it since i’ll probably be ignored anyways c) don’t care because I’m put to sleep by the smug know it alls.
Another query: does hip hop music talk almost incubate the pissing match atmosphere? Query #3 — the tongue in cheek edition: If I had a booty pic would I get more linkage? Uncredentialed women in hip-hop better be bringing something to the table, right right? Heh.
I guess most of the time I just feel like I don’t really need random guys on the internet to validate my opinions. I love my blog, etc but there aren’t enough hours of the day/energy or attention in my brain to break down my thoughts on every meme popping up. (Oh look at me, I’m getting peevish again!) Whatevs. This isn’t my market. I’ll go back to talking about staying out too late, fine times with cheap alcohol, and Man Man. Meanwhile, you can go read Lynne’s post and get an inkling of where my head is at.
More to come. I suppose.


  1. you know you’re the one who sent me where i went – don’t you. most of the time, i read the blogs or journals i should say that tell good stories and that reveal a writer’s development as a writer.

  2. I’m glad you did go there. Minus my fuming, I doubt I would’ve sat down to lay it all out as thoroughly as you did.

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