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The “passing the time gently” edition. Whatever that means.
In the “I shill because I love because they’re blowing up quite nicely on their own, thank you very much” category, Easy Star All Stars at the KF Wednesday and Man Man (feel the buzzzzz) on tour alone and with the Arcade Fire. And since I’m shooting shine on my fave bands, The Art of Shooting is playing Southpaw also on the 12th and Benzos are at the Mercury Lounge
Saturday the 15th.
Meanwhile, Jay-V and I are saving our pennies to buy this and spin ourselves stupid. And I totally know Portuguese: eu tenho boca de broche! But, nah.
A gem from Overheard In New York:

Guy into cell: Uh huh, he knows it’s an 8-track, right? He knows how to work with one of those?…Now listen. I want to make this crystal clear. I want to make sure that he fully understands what I’m about to say. There is to be no sucking dick before studio time. Does he understand this?
–8th St. & Greene

Gotta be clear about those things.
And I applaud Essence for their new campaign (and new section for me to query). It’s a cultural sore. I love a good beat probably better than the next person but it’s impossible to get beyond some of these lyrics. Even the super sweet love songs will have a throwaway line so insulting that you wonder what the hell they’re thinking. It’s entertainment, but too much of the garbage is playing out in public and no one even blinks at it. I’ve heard stuff coming out of young girls’ mouths so mindboggling that it would put any uncensored verse to shame. Everyone is a product of their environment. I get into confrontations all the time with men/boys on the bus, subway, and streets. It always kills me the amount of silent bystanders who just watch it all play out. Most of them are other men. Perhaps it will take a nation of women sick of simply accepting what’s put out there about them to make a change. It’s better than nothing.


  1. there has been a lot of talk since the new year about this topic…honestly i wish more people would stop talking and do something about it. a lot of people are interviewing the women who are the consumers, but i feel they should start applying pressure to these women who make their bodies and their self esteem accessible to men who want to degrade them. not only that, but we should be holding not only the rappers or the singers responsible, but the execs who come up with the concept of a lot of this garbage.

  2. I don’t think there’s any specific pressure point to attack. I think it’s too easy to blame the women in the video. Just because she’s the one whose body part you are seeing doesn’t mean she’s the one who pressed zoom to get a closeup on her tits. I’d to see an interview with a director talking about exactly what style he’s aiming for with the extra lingering booty shot.

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