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In the meantime, I’ve made another resolution: I should comment. And then comment and comment some more.
Like I think, this:

I wonder- when is the last time Tate went to the club and saw a thicky-thick girl drop down and get her eagle on right in front of him? I think an experience like that would change his opinion about hip-hop for the better.

deserves a comment…especially since everyone else kinda skimmed past that. Along with this comment:

Now hip-hop is responsible for the mysogyny in the black community. GTF out of here. Please stop attacking the problem w/out looking at the symptoms my people. Art is a reflection of life. And get this, in case anybody missed it in 8th grade ed, sex is a part of life.

And also this:

If you want instant popularity, you either align or attack rap music. Who was talking about Rev. Butts or C. Dolores Tucker until they attacked rap music? MTV was not the channel to watch until they started to show rap videos. Bill O’Reily wasn’t that popular until he went at Ludacris. And now there’s ESSENCE Magazine. How many people were talking about ESSENCE before their ‘taking back our music’ campaign? One yearly article on Mary J. Blige does not make you a hip-hop publication. But their campaign got them featured in a few magazines. Mission accomplished and I’m sure we won’t be hearing from about that campaign. Next!

Related? I believe so.
So, what’s the trajectory of the argument as being put forth over at Hashim’s (not to imply it’s bash him day over here at Kitty Power)? To understand hip-hop and where it’s coming from, you gotta go out into the thick of it with a girl with a fat ass and watch her shake it for you. ‘Cause real niggas don’t dance or some shit. Misogynistic? Shit…that’s ridiculous. Sex is a part of life. It’s only natural for men to be voyeurs and rap about what good shit they’re seeing. And what they want from you and stuff. Fucking loud mouthed Essence magazine. That’s one of those old bitch magazines, you know. Who the hell has ever heard of Essence anyways? Like there’s something that’s really wrong with the culture nowadays. Them bitches are tripping. They need a mandingo dildo or something. Yo, pass me my King and step. Right, boys?


  1. just to clarify (for those who don’t click through to links)- only one of those quotes is actually from me, and it’s taken out of context (I know that sounds like one of those shady politician cop-outs). It was more of a joke on Tate than anything.
    Another is a comment on a post that is actually attacking me.
    And the other is a reprint of an email convo with someone else, but not MY words.
    A quick glance through my archives will show how I feel about sexism in hip-hop and America in general.
    Dag, Candice. I liked you better when you didn’t comment on my site!

  2. Oh Hashim, that was a lame evasive politician move. Nothing was really implying that all snippets were straight out off your fingers. And repeat: it’s not bash Hashim day. Don’t take it so personally.

  3. damn girl. you busy this weekend? cuz if not I know this fly spot we can check out…it’s in Albany tho’ so you’ll have to spend the night…

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