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While bouncing in the back of a U-Haul van, I was telling PrincessNella about the recent blogging adventures. We were both amused at some of the reply comments. I liked you better before you started commenting on my site? What the fuck does that mean? Before I opened my mouth and muscled in where I’ve got no business or some shit? I shouldn’t even have bothered commenting on that. It stands so much better alone. It’s totally possible to like someone’s stuff but think they’re just wrong on a certain front you know. It doesn’t invalidate anything. Egos are so fragile.
Oh, guess what I read today? Not only am I misguided by offering up opinions on matters of subjective taste and cultural consumption — just like everyone else with a blog — but I’m also apparently on some campaign for validation and attention? Interesting…I swear, it sucks being a new jack on this web business. I mean, I’ve only been protoblogging since like 2000 and shit (coming up on 2 years with this little thing), but god knows, you’re nobody until some pseudo-“intelligent thug” throws some shine your way! Especially since I’m just jealous that he can babble nonsensically and people read it. More like puzzled that the jester is wearing no clothes and no one else seems to notice. Good thing I’m just a girl and can’t get threatened with a punch in the face like some other people! But, we’re totally shaking in our boots because we’ve got the Voice From Beyond on our ass now.
Blog beef is so boring. Especially when mouths are writing checks their ass can’t cash. I’ll be off painting my nails and getting my hair done when the reckoning comes I guess.

One Comment

  1. Candice, I apologize for the comment I made about liking you better before you started posting comments. That was a joke not done very well. It was dismissive of your valid points and I’m sorry for that.

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