Kitty Power

Objects In The Mirror

There are some things that I have learned to dread over the past year and change: “I read your blog” coming out of the wrong mouth. Well, not necessarily wrong per se, but someone random that probably then wants to go on to nitpick with me. Despite all the growth and changes, I write this little space for Alex and Jay-V and PrincessNella and Trendvickster and Fizzie and Wes/HS far-flung peeps and the new folks I’ve met along the way. Not for you, Persons Mysterious who keep obsessively searching out info on the old entanglements. (I see you. It’s annoying. Knock it off.) I write on the web because I’m a fucking nerd and I want to. But, it’s not the definitive Candice, just the briefest of snapshots.
If you read this blog, you’ll notice that I’m fond of words and words and more words and the occasional picture four times a year. I hate things and I’m not afraid to say it. But unwillingly, I’ve learned to censor myself and skim over many details because I can — and have– gotten annoyed with the random Googling that leads to “ohmigod, I saw you talking about me on your blog, so now I plan to read it all the time.” Most of the feelings and episodes that seem to be traumatic mostly cease to matter about 30 minutes after I polish off a post about it. I’m not as much of a vain/shallow/self-serious/trendoid/lazy/snobbish/substance abuser/obnoxious bitch as I may appear in my posts, but I always reserve the right to be a fucked up individual in real life. Candicissima “Candice” Nassapeemadalon is a tweaked persona, but the episodes are a collection of facts. If you’ve passed through one of my episodes, you might have been mentioned (or not). Name checks are not necessarily indicative of anything but me typing you in with the rest. But if you get called out, and what? Don’t wasting my time bugging me about it.
If you’re searching for some sort of insight into my emotional state or brain, you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s fairly obvious what needs to be taken at face value or not. The bubbly black girl is at that blog down the road. I pride myself on being a little more…complicated. This is a glorious hobby and a bit of a muscle flexing. Getting bent out of shape is for the birds. As are disclaimers. But you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

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