Kitty Power

Cradle Will Rock

Jamirakid: Oh, that reminds me: did i tell you my plan for the spring?
Jamirakid: I’m going to take a class and snag a little graduating senior. Be a cradle robber instead of getting robbed all the time
Farmer: hahaha good luck
Jamirakid: I’m going to work that shit. you’ll see
Jamirakid: I’m still young enough that it’s okay
Farmer: haha
Farmer: How old are u?
Jamirakid: 23
Farmer: Yep. And a senior?
Jamirakid: Almost 22 if they’re not already
Farmer: hahaoooO what a cradle
Farmer: I thought you were talking about 18 or something
Jamirakid: Heh. Well someone practically my age is like a novelty for me
Jamirakid: Old fuckers love me for whatever reason
Farmer: No, you love old fuckers
Jamirakid: Not really. I just go with the flow

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