Kitty Power


A few months ago, I joked to my father that I wanted to move because I was living next door to a house of hookers. That’s not so funny now. Viva South Jamaica?
Just when you thought the Washingtonienne thing blew over, here’s a big old article about her. She is stirring up Monica type feelings in me. I’m gonna go on a rampage and possibly sound highly unfeminist for a second when I say: She fucks around? So what? Give the bitch a parade and send her on her merry way. I could really give a fuck about some stupid trampy bitch screwing old guys for money in Washington, or hell anywhere. Because they all reveal themselves to be lazy entitled whores who watched Pretty Women too much instead of cultivating their brains and getting a fucking real job and developing their careers. They took the shortcut that has failed for so many, a la fucking men old enough to be their daddies, because they’re deluded and needy and only know the phrase “what can you do for me.” And then have the nerve to be all “he led me on” and “I’m just a victim of the environment.” Fuck you, honey. Wanna lie down with a dog? You’re gonna get fleas. If you’re gonna be a slut, you’d better at least be an empowered one with brains to keep your ass afloat when shit goes down. Your cooch is not made of diamonds. You’re not the first trick that made a buck and you won’t be the last. Infamy is not actual fame. Fuck off, Jessica, and go piss your money away like Monica did. Just so you can disappear faster. [via Feministe]
I love that rabid asshole Malkin was called in to add her two cents. She can go fuck herself also. Did you read the transcript (or see the video) of the smackdown she got on Hardball last week? So lovely. And I love that she has a Fametracker thread.
Ahem. Elsewhere on the net, The Vice Guide To Everything kept entertained at work. A rule I follow: “Don’t ever say no to a reasonable invitation to do something that might be fun. This is a WASP rule, and one of the reasons why rich white people rule the planet.” May I possibly get a corner of the earth too, oh white overlords?
And S/FJ is today’s Gawker Interview. *whine* I was supposed to interview him for my Gothamist Interview guest week! Now I can’t without looking like a biter! Wah! */whine*
ETA: A blog nod for Nate P’s post (blogs with no comments are like so annoying sometimes). My dad grew up with the Brass Construction folks and I used to be the most hardcore Steely Dan listening 15-year old not in the ’70s. I even went to their concert at PNC Bank Arts Center. I even owned the tour t-shirt. I once made a lunchtime journey to their studio as they were recording Two Against Nature to possibly meet them. I own the fucking box set. If loving them is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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