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So I Lied

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Everyone say thank you to my job for being boring as shit.
Anyhoo, I’d like to say a “bah humbug” to the first day back at work. I had the hardest time getting motivated to leave the house this morning and on top of that, was pissed off listening to the FM side this morning. I usually stick with 880 for just the weather and top news stories, but I decided to check out first K-Rock (because driving Sunday, the playlist was excellent. It was like major 7/8th grade flashback. But, I’m hearing that it’s not normally that good on the reg. Figures) hearing Stern and turning so fast I almost broke the tuner button and then Power. Where I was greeted by “Paternity Test Tuesday.” All I can say is: WTF?
It’s bad enough that if you come across that bullshit if you happen to be sitting in the house watching regular tv on an afternoon. But on the radio too? I call bullshit on that. Fuck Clear Channel for running that shit. The guests this morning were an ex-couple with a 2 year old in question as ignorant as they wanted to be. The guy hestitated mad long to say how many kids he has — besides the boy he was brought on about. Not sure, son? You’ve got a problem. Let’s address that they waited two years before figuring this stuff out, the time during which she’s been taking care of the child with no support from him or the other guy who might be the daddy (who she couldn’t get in touch with to bring on the show. Hmm.). The reason she had any question at all was because she and this guy had been planning to start a family (so they were not using protection) before she cheated on him with some other guy (who was supposedly using protection but his friends say that he tampered with the condoms. I won’t even ask why the fuck he’d possibly do that because people are insane and I’ll just chalk it up to that and leave it alone). What amused/horrified me was how defensive they were about it. Oh I’m sorry, here you are on the radio — a public forum in case you haven’t noticed — airing all your bullshit for the tri-state area, but nobody better ask you shit, right? Fuck off. The girl was like, “I waited so long because there’s mad red tape and forms to fill out to get a DNA test for the state.” Well damn, they really need to do something about that. Making it hard for people to figure out from a lineup who the daddy is. My mom and I were talking about the infamous woman on Maury (I believe) who has had 9 guys on the show who all tested negative and still doesn’t know who her baby’s father is. That’s beyond fucked up. And on a further down the line level, how do you think a kid would feel to know that their mom had to go on TV/the radio to find out who their daddy was? Not very good. It turns out that the guy on the show was the father and he was still mad salty about it as if he intends to keep on punishing his child for the mother’s mistakes. People are fucked up.
Or am I just pulling a Cosby? You tell me. Because you know what, I’m not even talking about the fact that the parents have broken up. My folks have been mostly bitterly divorced since I was 6. Unmarried parents are not even especially surprising in this day and age — or in the past, let’s be real. I won’t even say that the pair on the radio are too fucked up to even have kids — though I thought it when those jackasses were braying on the radio. I think there’s a problem with the culture that a “Paternity Test Tuesday” theme exists. That everyone wants their 15-seconds of fame so much that they don’t mind putting out their personal business for everyone to gawk at. Everyone is free to be a famewhore. It’s a beautiful thing for someone I suppose.
And New York radio sucks…but that’s stating the obvious.

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  1. i hadnt realized, until i watched Jason’s lyric for the first time like last march, how glad i was that the “life in the ghetto” genre was over movie-wise. i dont find it entertaining. now im waiting for the curtains to close on the “reality rules, the dirtier the laundry the better” stage. id give anything for a well-written sitcom.

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