Kitty Power

And What I Do With Most of My Week Is

Considering that a massive part of my week is spent on the job, you might notice that I don’t have to much to say about that. Is that actually surprising though? Though I might actually blog from there (not that you just read that) occasionally, I’m not dumb enough to write too closely because I like my job (mostly) and more importantly, like that paycheck too much to fuck it up. *Chris Tucker voice* And you know this, mannnn!
But because I’m me and I write about everything minus menstruation and explicitly identifying details, here’s a hit list of notable things happening for me during most days:

  • The little things make all the difference in an office situation. A bit of shuffling aroud a few weeks back has taken away that pesky “everything on my screen is in plain view, so I couldn’t BS to my heart’s content” problem. I’ve got a nice new spot a row over and I can see them when they’re coming. Yeah, baby.
  • There’s something about an office that brings out the high school nature in adults. I guess it’s the whole sitting around aimlessly when you’d rather be somewhere else, like home or having fun. There are like popular cliques that have formed and shit. But true to form, I do my own thing and socialize on my own terms.
  • I’ve found a new focus boy. I got tired of the other one. He was a little too hipster goth for my tastes. This new guy and I bonded at the coffee machine over the whole dual lives thing and trying to keep ourselves awake and fresh after a hard night of partying and the like. And yes, of course, only I would bond with someone over shit like that.
  • But, that’s par for the course in the kitchen. I think it’s the only place in the office I can be regular Candice instead of the work poker faced girl. Besides, IM that is.
  • And also semi-true to form, the team I’m on has to be the one with all the drama. There was a coup last week and we’re currently our own bosses. Yay?
  • It’s nice to have money and be able to branch off from McD’s and bagels. There’s a heap of good shit to be found around the job. Fucking Olive Garden has takeout! I never thought I’d be so excited about anything.
  • I’ve learned that there’s such a thing as me being too smart for my own good because I’ve been hearing, “Wow, Candice, you’re really smart, so we’re gonna teach you how to do her job and hers, so when you’re not drowning under your own work, you can help them out too. Mmmkay?” My (invisible) nuts.
  • But I think the “best” part has to be is that knowing that even as my work pile is growing every day, for my group the really busy season isn’t coming for another couple of months. Yay? *sob*
  • How do people do this whole vacation time scheduling thing? I just don’t get it. I can’t even plan what I want for lunch tomorrow, so deciding when I want to just take off for a week is a bit much for me. But, I’m hella into that whole personal day thing. “Yeah, I’m not coming in Friday. I’m taking a personal day.” In about a month, I’m gonna be on that shit like gravy on rice.

Overall though, can’t complain about life in cubicle city. Especially since I’m dressing only slightly better than college days but actually ironed on a regular basis with the option to totally be all sweater-setish if I had the desire. Best of both worlds…except if they introduce a telecommuting aspect, I’d be so about that. I’m missing ATWT after all.

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