Kitty Power

We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Alright, folks, enough with the heavy, back to the bullshit.
I’m playing catchup like crazy at work. I considered crying dealing with the intimidating stack on my desk. Doing actual work before 10? What’s up with that?! But, I’m currently thrilled that Friday is a half day before a long weekend. Nothing wrong with that.
In other concerns, I’m doing some interviews because I can. Up on deck are Kate Ace Fu, Abe, and Steven — not necessarily in that order. They probably thought I had forgotten about them. I’m on it, y’all! I’m also continuing my glutton mode by planning two big dinners for this week. Isn’t it sad that I’m so happy about the short Friday because that means I can go back to my old self and wild out on Thursday? Bah humbug to being a working stiff.

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