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Against my inner independent and social self, I’m turning into Candice McFrownyface here in the working world. Day 1 and I’m the outcast that stops a conversation dead. I’m all friendless and shit. Excuse me while I go sulk behind my computer.
ETA: Of course, it got better. You know me, I’m a trooper. It just took a little time. My biggest real life secret is that I’m actually quite shy and anti-social to start off in any new situation, but I’m golden once I reach a certain comfort level. I actually bonded with a guy on my way home that night talking about a mutual love for Ranch 1 Chicken Caesar Wraps. Poof, a lunch buddy.
And isn’t it sad that the happiest I’ve been all week at work was when I heard through cubiclemates that we could download Trillian. How lovely it is to be connected to the real world again! I’m such a computer junkie. And I’ve got two megaposts in the queue. Don’t worry, folks. You won’t be abandoned for long.


  1. its okay. ive been at work for going on 3 months now and i have like 2 friends. and one is my new lawyer friend who only joined the ‘friend’ ranks last week. the other is nickel and thats cause we sit next to each other. i think it has something to do with the fact that im easily the youngest person there…by at least 8 years.

  2. just sit back and watch shit unfold…it’d be fun after you’ve gathered some gossip about people, then it will get a lot more exciting. It is sooo hard to tell what people are really like in the very beginning anyway…and isn’t that about the time when everyone’s supposed to be all fake to one another anyway?

  3. I would rather be shot in the knee cap then to be starting a new job. All those people are lost souls trying to act tough. Everybody is chasing dollars, just remember you are putting up with them. You have a secret identity (like catwoman)and we are hanging on every word. They can’t touch that, right? Right.
    Just get eight hours sleep and you’ll be fine.

  4. Oh sleep! I sure need that. I haven’t been able to get in bed before 2:30am all week. Yet strangely, I’m somehow not a total zombie. I dunno how I do it sometimes.
    The good thing is everyone is young and relatively new. They literally just made this floor/dept a month ago, so that cuts through a lot of the typical “new girl” stuff.
    I was just complaining before just to complain. It’s not bad. Besides, when have I ever really been an “everyone’s friend” cheerleader type anyways?

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